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Joint Practice Development


Moving away from traditional modes of CPD, joint practice development aims to embed improved practice through transfer. This is achieved by adopting a peer coaching strategy in which practitioners observe each other and work jointly towards adoptable solutions. Research indicates that this is more effective even than "sharing good practice" which can be superficial and unsustained. Our service can help schools introduce and implement JPD.


Marking and feedback


How to reduce the marking burden, and how to implement a system of feedback/feed forward, which has been show to be one the most effective strategies for improving student outcomes


Dealing with difficult colleagues


How to manage those delicate conversations which are sometimes necessary. What sort of difficulties present themselves? What might be the underlying reasons? Using Berne's Transactional Analysis, WIFMs and WAMIs - mapping stakeholder engagement.


Outstanding Teaching Intervention - Osiris Educational

John is a Registered Trainer on this developmental programme designed to work alongside teachers in classrooms to improve the technical quality of their practice. The programme looks at three key areas - Engagement, Feedback and Challenge and is driven by confidential analysis of video footage of teaching performance. Contact Osiris Educational on 01790 755288 or visit their website (www.osiriseducational.co.uk/outstandingteaching) for further detail.

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Present Continuous, Future Perfect - Developing Outstanding Practice on the MFL classroom


Originally developed for a two-day CPD event for BSME (British Schools in the Middle East) this programme is adaptable and suitable for new entrants to the profession. It covers developing spontabeous talk, working with text, AfL, Differentiation, the impact of new technologies, behaviour management, feedback, growth mindset and backward planning.<< New text box >>

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